We love, serve, support, and pray
for our community at home and abroad.


The outreach of PVPC is driven by the Missions/Evangelism Team,  the Deacons & individuals. 

Ten percent (a tithe) of all general income to PVPC is set aside for outreach via the Missions/Evangelism Team. 
In addition, there are several Presbyterian USA church-wide special purpose offerings throughout the year.
Our Deacons take care of our church family needs including meals, transportation, prayer chain, and have a small food bank for local use.

Our members individually give to the causes that mean something to them too.
Of the ten percent of PVPC funds, specific percentages are given to local causes
Pocono Area Youth for Christ
Camp Fund for Kids

 Habitat for Humanity

 Pregnancy Resource Center

 Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Network (food & clothing bank)

 PCUSA Mission and World Mission

Special Projects